Donald and Francis

So the Donald says it’s “disgusting” that a religious leader questions someone’s faith or dares to correct him. Makes me wonder if he has ever thought what a religious leader is for. The purpose of having abbots, pastors, priests, and other spiritual guides and directors is to question us when we show our immaturity, to correct us when we are in error, to teach us so that we become more mature. Clearly, Donald has not had much religious teaching. He responds to criticism from the Pope with his typical bombastic reaction and asks how dare anyone criticize him, as if he were beyond error. Then goes off on this rant about how it would teach Francis a lesson if ISIS attacks the Vatican and it won’t happen if Trump is President. Please!
Pope Francis is a world religious leader and has a responsibility to speak out and offer criticism and correction when matters of faith impact matters of politics and the common good. I can’t tell you whom to vote for, but I will say that anyone who favors Donald Trump is riding an emotional reaction, not thinking clearly and does not have the best interest of our nation in mind.

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