Everyone at the Table

The UCC “Still Speaking” daily devotional this morning said it as well or better than I’ve seen it. The writer reminded us that, according to Jesus, everyone belongs at the table. When he got invited to a fancy dinner at a Pharisee’s home, he used to occasion to teach about that.

She then made the point that when people say “Black Lives Matter” it means
– not only Black Lives Matter
– Black Lives don’t Matter instead of other lives, but
– Black Lives Matter too.

We won’t be OK until we treat everyone with the same standards. We won’t be OK until we realize that some people in our country are still treated as if they matter less. We won’t be OK until there truly is “…liberty and justice for ALL!”

So, you can’t be taught by Jesus that everyone belongs at the table without learning the political implications. Following Jesus is not a creed; it’s about how you treat people; it’s about how you love your neighbor as you love yourself.

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