Who Needs God?

A thought for the day: Someone said, “People who can buy or otherwise arrange for themselves everything they ever wanted for Christmas have no need of a God.”

I wonder — is my receptivity to God inversely proportional to my comfort and my ability to supply my own needs? The old hymn based on Psalm 23 says, “My Shepherd will supply my need….” What if I can take care of myself, don’t need to depend on anyone else, can insulate myself from the world and its threats? What am I cheating myself out of if I can live my own life without anyone else?

How much of God do I encounter only in relationship? I wonder if mystics only get to that point because they’ve been so grounded in the God who comes to us in community.

All of this reminds me of a song by Peter Mayer about Christmas Morning. After singing about all things one might want for Christmas, he says, “Then again, in light of life’s uncertainties, you may not find a single one of these. But, guaranteed, underneath that tree, you’ll find a brand new day begun, the ones who love you, the turning earth, and a great big shining sun.”

Those are, indeed, gifts of Christmas to be treasured by rich and poor alike, if only we know our need.

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