Affordable Health Care

Just wondering — surely the Republicans in Congress know how insurance works, right?

You pay into a pool of money along with a lot of other people. The cost is based on the calculated likelihood of how many of those people will need to use the benefits. The greater the number of people who pay in, the less it costs. Which is why the ACA made participation mandatory, to try to broaden participation and lower cost.

Maybe the biggest objection to the ACA is this mandate to join. But, look, your bank makes you buy insurance on your house if you have a mortgage. And that’s not based on their concern for your well-being but for their bottom line.

The motivation for a national health plan comes from the desire to see the most vulnerable people protected from bad health and medical bankruptcy. We want to be a nation that cares for our neighbors instead of only looking out for ourselves. Love of neighbor and looking out for the interests of others and not just ourselves is a central value of Christian faith.

Most of these folks in Congress who are trying to tear down the ACA also claim to be Christian. Just doesn’t make sense to me.

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