Solar Panels in My Back Yard

Today, according to news reports, President Trump will announce a decision regarding the status of the US participation in the Paris Accords on Climate Change. Predictions are that he will withdraw our country or reduce our commitment.

Regardless of what the President may or may not do, all of us can do something. We can use less energy, live more simply, cut back our own carbon footprint, eat low on the food chain, re-use stuff.

In August it will be four years since Cynthia and I had a 12-panel solar array installed in our back yard. Since then, those panels have made more than 80% of the electricity we have used. According to the display on the DC to AC inverter in our basement, we have saved more than 9 tons of carbon from going into the atmosphere.

Imagine the impact of more people doing this. We can’t count on politicians acting for the common good, but we can each do our share. We can set an example. We can share.

And we can keep on speaking out and lobbying for earth-friendly policies. Because our voice matters. I’d love to show you my solar array and refer you to have your own system installed. All you need is a sunny southern exposure and the will to do something new!

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