Health Care?

To me, it seems obvious that the Republican establishment is not interested in improving the quality of or access to health care for regular people. They seem focused on saving money for wealthy people who resent having to pay anything to provide health care for people who can’t afford it. They’re selfish. The implication of their attempts to get rid of the Affordable Care Act is that they must believe there are some people who don’t deserve health care.

We all pay for medical care for people who don’t have insurance, though. People go to the ER and hospitals pass along that cost in their overhead and you and I pay for it anyway in increased costs.

The only answer that makes sense to me is a single-payer plan where we ALL pay in and we ALL get coverage. It should be progressive, where those with more pay more. That’s how our Presbyterian Church medical plan is structured now. The employer pays an amount equal to a percentage of the employee’s salary. Churches with low-paid pastors are subsidized by bigger churches with high-paid pastors. It works.

The only way it will work for our country is if our elected officials realize that basic health care is a right and we need to provide it in order to have a healthy nation with a healthy population, and that if it’s important for us as a nation, we all need to pay for it.

One thought on “Health Care?

  1. Universal (health coverage)… something all Christians can agree on (unlike the meaning of Salvation : ) I hope the 99% prevails over the 1%, and the US fashions a system that provides everyone coverage, while controlling costs. I recently learned that President Truman proposed Universal Health Care in the early 1950’s, and his efforts inspired LBJ’s creation of Medicare and Medicaid. How about expanding Medicare to cover us when we hit 50, and Medicaid up to when we reach 50???


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