The People God Calls Blessed

These seemed good thoughts to share in a time when we have had enough of criticism and shrill disagreement, and need to remember who we are and are called to be, beyond all definitions, affiliations and ideologies. Words fail. And we have had too many words. We need embodied love. Though it is silent, its speech is heard louder than words. Only love can heal us.

This blessing below was written by Ruth Burgess of the Iona Community in Scotland.

If I’m reading it right (in Matthew 25:34-46)
the people God calls blessed
are the ones who
feed the hungry
welcome the stranger
befriend those in trouble
care for those in pain.

Not a word about
who or what they do or don’t believe in,
only a description of how they live their lives.

So I ask a blessing, God,
on my friends
who cannot
or do not
believe in you.
A blessing that they are not expecting
yet one which they will recognize.
A blessing of joy, integrity and justice,
a blessing of love and life.

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