To follow up on my comments from yesterday on the situation at the US/Mexico border — I observe that focusing on building a wall, prosecuting people who cross illegally, and treating desperate people as if they were criminals is a mistaken priority. It’s like using drugs to treat a disease that’s caused by dirty water.

Clean up the dirty water.

In this case, focus attention on the social and economic conditions that provoke people to leave their homes. How can people have productive work, feed their families and live in safety?

Many small projects that empower people will be more effective than building a wall. Look, for example at Cafe Justo / Just Coffee in Agua Prieta, MX / Douglas, AZ.

They saw that people were leaving their homes in Southern Mexico and coming to the border looking for work and ways to send home money. That led to the coffee cooperative and a business that now allows people to stay on their land and stay at home with their families.

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