The Migrant Caravan

Thousands of people are so desperate that they will sell their possessions, borrow money, leave behind all they have known for the chance at a better life in a place they’ve never seen, where they don’t know the language, where they don’t know anyone. They pin their hopes on an unknown end where it must be better, where it must be safer, where they will work doing anything to care for their children.

And all some politicians can do is to use the plight of these people as weapons in a partisan electoral war. If our president knows any better, he doesn’t show it. He threatens to cut off aid to the countries from where these people are coming, as if further impoverishing them will help anything.

Most politicians seems to focus on the symptom, not the cause. They focus on the perceived threat and talk about desperate people as if they were the problem instead of working with Central American governments to address causes of violence and social instability.

The people who organized the caravan call attention to the underlying needs, the forces that drive people from their homes. I hope we can see the people as human beings, not as a threat. They need peace and a safe place to live. Our leaders need to work with leaders in those countries to bring order and stability to the lives of people who endure such chaos that they are willing to walk a thousand miles just for the chance of a new life.

Dear President Trump, they deserve our help, not your scorn.

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