The Caravan (again)

Got back Saturday night from the trip organized by Frontera de Cristo – – and Cafe Justo – – the Border to Border Delegation: Coffee, Migration and Faith.

One clear message I heard from the Mexicans I talked to was this: “Everyone who leaves home suffers.” No one wants to leave their home. The people who do, the people in “the caravan,” people who have to pay thousands of dollars to smugglers to get them across the border, people who are exhausted and sick from walking – they leave home because they believe they have no other choice.

It’s not an invasion. It’s not a threat. The caravan is made up of people who fear they will never see their family members in the US again because the border has become so tight. They are willing to risk their lives to reunite their families.

The caravan is made up, too, of people who are so afraid for their lives that they will risk them on the highway, in the desert, in places where they don’t speak the language, in order to find safety.

Don’t believe the lies that the President and other politicians are telling about these migrants. Trump is trying inflame people’s fears and ignorance in order to get them to vote for his candidates.

Think instead about what God says. Throughout the Law of Moses and the words of the Old Testament prophets the command is repeated: “Do not oppress the resident alien in your land; remember that you were strangers and aliens in the land of Egypt.”

And remember Jesus: “Whatever you have done for one of the least of these, my brothers and sisters, you have done for me.”

There are a lot of suffering migrants on the road who long for home, family and safety. It’s not a crime to migrate. No human being is illegal.

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