Now What?

So the House has passed articles of impeachment and the Senate is quite unlikely to remove the president from office. What do we make of this? How do we respond?

The warring versions of reality so evident in the hearings are a symptom of our illness. Such passion to control others, even their perceptions of the world.

Though I am glad for elected representatives who cherish the Constitution and our form of government, I don’t think anyone can “win,” no matter how “right” they may be.

Letting go of attachments and giving up striving and the illusions of our false selves, seeking peace that we can rest in and share — that seems our only help.

Loretta Ross, a wise woman I am fortunate to hear from now and then, said it this way in her recent Autumn 2019 writing:

What is needed is persons with quiet
souls who cling to Holiness as the trees
cling to the earth.
Climb on God’s lap and rest. And a multitude of persons will find God’s rest near you.
– From The Praying Life copyright Loretta F. Ross

May we find a spacious peace within, a space of hospitality that may heal our divisions.

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